STA Single Tooth Anaesthesia System®

Many patients find that a ‘needle phobia’ greatly contributes to their fear of the dentist. This inhibits visits to the denist and results in the development of more painful and costly problems in the mouth due to neglect.

Now you can fear no more, as here at M Dental we offer the ‘magic’ wand system, a revolutionary technological advancement in anaesthetic delivery.

SONY DSCThe STA Wand system is a computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system that is designed to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort experienced during anaesthetic delivery. This is achieved by using a patented combination of dynamic pressure sensing technology, a systematic regulation of the flow rate and volume of anaesthetic, and an ergonomically designed ‘wand’ handpiece. This unique handpiece increases ease of access and functionality for the dentist, and decreases anxiety for the patient due to its small ‘wand’ like appearance. This results in a safer, accurate and more comfortable dental injection for the patient.

“Having avoided dentists for years I finally had to relent. I would only trust Uday with my teeth, and the new wand is fantastic – no pain from injections.”
H. Mld

“I appreciated the new WAND technology, that is the computer-driven administration of the anaesthetic. I do not like needles at the best of times and can truly say I didn’t feel a thing. Thanks again to the entire team at M Dental.”
E. Minot