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M Dental/Dentist Composite Filling Palmerston NorthComposite Filling
This patient had a very large amalgam filling that had lost its shape over many years of use. We removed the amalgam safely, then replaced it with a composite filling which not only looks much more natural, but also gives a naturally placed bite with the corresponding upper molar.
M Dental/​Dental specialist Ceramic Crowns Palmerston NorthCeramic Crowns
This patient had two very large amalgam fillings on his back molars that had developed cracks in them. We safely removed the two amalgam fillings then put in their place two strong ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns are much stronger and longer lasting than a composite filling. The result is a stronger, more natural looking restoration.
M Dental/Dental Care, Porcelain Veneers Palmerston NorthPorcelain Veneers
For this patient, we designed and created four porcelain veneers to perfectly fit over his existing front teeth. By doing this we helped straighten his front teeth and fill the gaps that have developed between them. The veneers also cover the sensitive tooth structure exposed below the gums. All this was done in one appointment.
M Dental/Bridge/Implant Placement Palmerston NorthBridge/Implant Placement
This patient had several top front teeth missing. We have many options to replace missing teeth, in this case the patient chose to have a bridge implant. This is a permanent solution to missing teeth and in most cases the strongest option. We can also create single implants, bridges, plates and dentures.

POLADAY! Teeth Whitening/M Dental-Dr-Uday-Kasture

POLADAY! Teeth Whitening
This patient chose to go ahead with the Complete POLADAY! Package and achieved a shade that is now 7 shades whiter than what she had to begin with! The best thing about the Complete POLADAY! Package is that she now has “top-ups” which she can use for years to come at home, to “top-up” any teeth that may restain due to her lifestyle.

Composite Veneers
These patients presented with misshapen, misaligned or discoloured teeth. These things can be corrected with composite veneers to create a fantastic and aesthetic new smile.

M Dental/Dental services Composite Veneers  Palmerston NorthM Dental/Dental services Composite Veneers  Palmerston North