Mouthguards – Nightguards

M Dental/​Dental specialist Palmerston North Dr. Uday KastureMouthguards are a “plastic” appliance, clear or coloured, worn over the upper teeth. They shield the teeth in an impact situation by providing a cushion which gives protection when the jaws are driven hard together. The New Zealand Dental Association recommends a good mouthguard should be of sufficient thickness in the correct areas, resilient, well retained, comfortable, and should not interfere with speaking and breathing.
The NZDA recommends the following:

Always wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports
A properly fitted, custom made mouthguard offers the best protection
Ask us about the best mouthguard for YOU
REMEMBER a broken tooth is a damage for LIFE

At M Dental we are happy to provide solutions for children and young adults to protect their teeth during sports practice and events. Contact Us for more information about mouthguards for you or your child.

Occlusal splints or night guards are a hard plastic appliance designed to fit exactly over your teeth, which reduce the damaging effects of bruxism, or night-grinding.