M Dental – Dentist Palmerston North

People believe they should visit a dentist only in case of some dental or oral problem. They contact a dentist when they experience teeth pain or other related problems. However, a dentist at Dentist Palmerston North checks the teeth for any problems that the patient may have currently or has the possibility for it in the future. Such a dentist is a qualified professional, with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery.

At M Dental, the dentist, together with other healthcare professionals, ensures good oral health by checking for oral diseases regularly, conducting surgical procedures on teeth, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity,educating patients on good health, and creating treatment plans.

We offer dental implants, implant supported bridge, full-arch restorations etc. to provide the patient the finest in dental treatment. M Dental is committed to the highest standards in dentistry, cosmetics and low-anxiety conscious sedation.

Specialization of Dentist Palmerston North

Dentist Palmerston North specializes in a range of procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns and brid.

Equipped with the latest technology and tools, we are dedicated to bring the best of oral and dental treatment to the community through the most comfortable forms of treatment.

What we provide at Dentist Palmerston North?

Dental implants

We treat patients with tooth root problems using implants. Implants are artificial replacements for damaged or lost tooth roots which function naturally. They are strong titanium based fixtures which are bio compatible in nature. They act like the natural roots and integrate with the jaw bone. Once it is achieved, a ceramic tooth or bridge is fixed over the implants to complete the process. So, with our dental implants, you get your smile back! No need to cover your mouth while smiling or get embarrassed about your teeth.

Apart from that, cosmetic dentistry can further boost your smile and face which is performed by our highly qualified and experienced team of dentists, dental assistants and lab technicians to the best effect.

We replace one, few or all unhealthy teeth using the latest techniques. Healthy adjacent teeth are left untouched.

On the completion of the procedure, you will have teeth which will look and feel as good as the real ones.Therefore, it is time to feel confident and smile just as you want.

Advantages of dental implants at Dentist Palmerston North

Dental implants provide stability and security to your oral health. They allow you to eat anything you want just as you would do using your natural teeth.Dental implants make you look younger. They prevent tooth loss and keep your jawbone healthy to make you look healthier. They are advantageous as they provide a lifelong solution.

Implant supported bridge

We provide wide variety of tooth replacement solutions based on modern dental implant.Implant supported bridges are used to replace two or all missing teeth. These solutions form M Dental can boost your oral health, chewing power, speaking ability, comfort level and confidence. You will be able to take more variety of food items and lead a healthy and quality life just as you desire.